Louis CK’s ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ Episode Is Now Streaming On Netflix


A few people might be scratching their heads when they discover that Netflix has appeared to change its mind on Louis CK’s standing with their network. Towards the end of the year, Louis was called out by several women for inappropriate behavior in which he would go on to admit his wrongdoing.  At first, it appeared the Netflix will no longer involve themselves with the comedian but now it appears they slightly changed their mind. As Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee has joined Netflix, it was pointed out that C.K.’s episode in the series is actually available to watch.       

The original move to not include C.K.’s episode was likely due to the recent sexual misconduct allegations that have been brought against the comedian. To avoid any potential backlash, the streaming service decided to remove it altogether from the series. However, someone over at the Netflix offices apparently had a change of heart because now it is up and ready to watch. Decider reports that the episode, poorly titled “Comedy, Sex, and Blue Numbers,” has been added to the Late Night Espresso collection for the show. The move to add the episode comes as a strange one for the streaming service who cut both Kevin Spacey  (House of Cards) and Danny Masterson (The Ranch), following sexual assault allegations made against them. The reason for Netflix changing its original decision on C.K. remains unknown.


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