32 Songs That Dissed Donald Trump in 2017


It’s hard to imagine anyone saying 2017 was a good year with Donald Trump in office. His first year as president caused more fuck ups than any progress towards making America great again. He still acts like being the leader of the free world is part of a reality TV show, and his cabinet are the characters you wish never got any screen time. Trump’s temperament on Twitter has gotten him into feuds with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, Hillary Clinton, Marshawn Lynch, LaVar Ball, Meryl Streep, the NFL, LGBT Americans, the “fake news media,” and plenty others. There’s a good chance that he’ll be impeached if this Russian interference and Trump campaign collision turns out to be true. Trump not only made 2017 pretty hard to get through, but Americans are expecting his second year to be worst, if not a complete disaster.

Thankfully, hip-hop has stepped up and voiced their disdain for Trump. The genre has spoken up against politics in the past, pioneered by artists like N.W.A. and more recently YG and his “F.D.T.” (Fuck Donald Trump) protest song. 2017 had more rappers challenging Trump and attempting to change the dialogue about him, whether it was flat-out calling his absurd policies like travel bans or how much he doesn’t care about certain demographics when a tragedy happens. (Puerto Rico, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, several mass shootings, etc.)

Here’s 32 songs from artists who dissed Trump over the course of the year. Don’t stop fighting.


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