Stairwell Freestyle: Wiki


Wiki’s unassuming flow, riddled with layers of wordplay and vintage New York City grit, has been mesmerizing to watch over the years. During a recent visit to MASS APPEAL HQ, he presented it with toothy glee in our infamous dusty corridor for the latest episode of “Stairwell Freestyle.”

“They call it savagery, when they the true savages, facts,” raps Wiki, challenging the chutzpah of the nation’s elite. He wraps up the performance with a dazzling display of alliteration that pops without an instrumental. It’s no small feat.

“That’s a true story about Vidal Santiago Diaz,” said Wik after kicking the vivacious verbals. A quick Google search revals Diaz to be Albizu Campos‘ barber. Whatever the inspiration behind the bars, know this: Wiki is no ordinary rapper. New “Stairwell Freestyle” above.