Open Space: Lil Skies


These days, any mention of a rapper with with the prefix, “Lil,” probably draws groans from rap fans annoyed with the dominance of the so-called “mumble rap” generation currently dominating SoudnCloud. The Pennsylvania rapper Lil Skies, whose ascent has been catalyzed by the immediate success of his Cole Bennett-directed “Red Roses” video, isn’t wary of those criticisms. He tells us why, and more, in the latest episode of “Open Space.”

“I fuck with the shit bruh,” says Skies as he sips a glass of water—through a transparent cup so there’s no confusion. “Everybody’s got the ‘lil’… but it’s whatever, bruh. It’s the culture. It’s rap shit.”

Just watching “Red Roses,” which has amassed over 12 million views in just over a month, it’s clear why Skies feels confident that he can stand out despite his somewhat monotonous moniker. The face tats, wild hair, and psychedelic imagery might suggest the realm of slurred cadences and shrill ad-libs that conferred acts like Ski Mask the Slump God international acclaim, but his delivery, rooted in a recollection of his upbringing, is as lucid and as big as the sky.

Early in 2017, Skies may have been known by a select few hip hop communities. He closes out the year with millions of views and national attention under his belt—safe to say 2018 will be a big one for the native of Waynesboro, PA by way of 20-minutes-down-the-street Chambersburg.

“I’m ’bout to drop some other shitnext— year, 2018,”  he says. “I’m about to go on tour with Lil Uzi [Vert] and shit… Think it starts next Friday.”

To quote someone without “Lil” or “Big” in front of their name, “Your whole life can change in just one year, y’all.”

Peep the new “Open Space,” above.