Stairwell Freestyle: Serius Jones


“When your heart pure it’s something fake dudes can’t relate to.” So said battle rap master Serius Jones when he stopped by MASS APPEAL HQ.

SJ raps for a solid two minutes in the latest episode of “Stairwell Freestyle,” arguably one of the better corridor exhibitions in recent memory.

Despite his moniker, Serius is all smiles as he delivers his impromptu sermon, wrapping ridiculous wordplay tricks around enough inside references to make an English professor smirk.

“I’m on a killing spree, well/ I’m on a killing spree, still spinning like he’s steel/ Ain’t got the same will as me/ Lyrically, mentally, physically, rappers ain’t as real as me/ Slap the shit out of a parapalegic, for not feeling me.”

Hope you didn’t miss the Latrell Sprewell reference. New York City love from NJ!

Enjoy the bars up top.