So What If 50 Cent Stole Her Song? New Jersey Rapper pineappleCITI Is Moving On


Just over a year ago, an up-and-coming artist from Newark, New Jersey, named PineappleCITI’s dropped a song called “Rose Colored.”(Check out the video up top if you haven’t seen it already.) The track got to be pretty popular after she started a challenge asking her fans to post videos of themselves dancing to the track. Kind of like a Jersey version of the Harlem Shake.

One day last December—much to PineappleCITI’s surprise—50 Cent’s engineer Ky Miller reached out saying he loved the song and claiming that it could be the next big thing. He also informed her that 50 wanted to hop on the track. Already a big fan of 50, she sent Miller an email on December 5, 2016 with the beat, produced by Robert “Fre$h” Lewis, to which she owns the exclusive rights.

But after sending the beat, she didn’t hear anything back. She had been contacted by celebrities before, and sometimes didn’t hear back from them right away, so she didn’t take it too seriously. She was too busy making power moves for her career, striking up a deal to stream her next project on Spotify and soforth. And then, this past March, CITI came across an IG video of G-Unit artist Kidd Kidd. He was dancing to her song.

“I was thinking, ‘Man. G-Unit really fucks with me. Like damn, his artist is even listening to my song now!’ So now I’m like ‘I don’t know if he still wants to get on it, but I definitely know G-Unit are fans of mine.”

CITI reached out to Kidd Kidd via Instagram just to give thanks for supporting her track. He told her he was a big fan and that he loved the song. He even sent her the video of him dancing to the song so that she could post it.  They ended up exchanging contact information on March 22, 2017 and although she never heard back from Ky Miller, CITI and Kidd Kidd kept in touch. It was all love after that.

Then on September 27, 50 Cent’s new show, 50 Central premiered on BET. A few people hit up CITI, telling her that the show’s theme song, “On Something,” sounded just like “Rose Colored.”

“I don’t really watch TV like that,” says CITI. “I’m thinking maybe it just sounds a little like mine. I wasn’t thinking it was gonna be an exact rip off, so I didn’t really pay too much attention to it. So when I finally heard it, I’m like ‘Nah, this is ridiculous!’ He took the beat, the flow, my words, everything.”

It would be pretty hard to claim that 50 doesn’t know CITI’s song because, not only did his engineer hit her up, but one of his own artists admitted to being a fan of hers.

“It turned into a big thing.” CITI says. DJ Akademikz was the first to post about the alleged theft of the song and the story started to pick up a lot of attention. “It started going viral, but then all of a sudden nobody wanted to pick up the story anymore. It’s like everybody was so interested, and all of a sudden I was like blackballed. And it was just starting to get a little weird.”

Everyone knows 50 is quick to respond to people via social media, so things got a little more weird when CITI realized he had blocked her on Instagram. He even blocked her fans that were posting pineapple emojis on his Instagram account as a sign of support.

“Why all of a sudden are you shutting your mouth about something if I’m lying or if you have no idea who I am?” she says. “You would think he would respond.”

CITI had been privately reaching out to 50 and others in his camp for a couple months, but nobody responded until she went public with this information.

“I know for a fact that my message got to him,” she says. “He just didn’t want to respond. You have Ky Miller calling me months later after I had been trying to contact all of you guys for at least two months privately, but then as soon as I put it on Instagram, you guys wanna call me and offer me a verse on the song that you stole? No. I don’t get it. That doesn’t make any sense to me.”

CITI’s also been catching flack from 50 fans and trolls, accusing her of lying. You can even catch a few comments debating which version of the song is better. But she’s not going out without a fight or letting this go anytime soon. She repped Jersey heavy in “Rose Colored” and she feels as though 50 just tried to shut it down.

MASS APPEAL reached out to BET for comment but they have not responded after repeated attempts—nor has G-Unit’s engineer, Ky Miller.

“To be honest, it really hurt my feelings cause I’m a 50 fan, and I just felt like from artist to artist, if I reached out, he would try to do the honorable thing. I’m not trying to start a war. I just want my respect. It really bothered me because I thought that I handled it in a respectful way, and I still got disrespected. It was no way that I was gonna just leave this alone or speak about this because this happens to too many artists. Regardless, if I’m a 50 Cent fan or not, it’s not right.”

She not only wants to represent herself, but the state of Jersey. CITI already has a self-titled album out, and she’s dropping another one in January.Not to mention, she’s been followed on Instagram by some big names (like Rihanna).

CITI’s doing her best to find an upside to this whole situation. (To make matters worse, she’s had three surgeries this year as she tries to recover from a car crash.) “The crazy thing is, I’ve gotten so many fans and love from this,” she says. “This is the thing. Love wins all the time. Even though he stole my song, he shined a light on it, and that’s a positive thing. I’m not dwelling on this and none of my fans seem to be dwelling on it either.”

The last thing she wants is for “50 Cent stole my song” to outshine her music. CITI hopes that once all of this is cleared up, it will become a thing of the past. As soon as her body is healed she’s looking forward to getting out there and performing again. “I’m not gonna let it go, but I’m also not gonna let it steal the spotlight from me being an artist,” she says. “The best revenge for me is an amazing career.”