PREMIERE: EyeDee ‘The Story of Halloween BEAT Homicide’ Stream


EyeDee was born into hip hop. Much like the seeds featured in our fathers and sons interview series, Chip Off the Ol’ Block, this Venice Beach producer has boom bap in his DNA. No, his father isn’t an iconic West Coast rapper, but he was a hip-hop promoter in the ’90s and is close friends with influential names like the Kutmaster Kurt and the Soul Assassins. EyeDee even reps for the Joker brand.

EyeDee and his pops work in tandem to get the illest MCs on his beats, and 2017 has seen many established artists coming at him for that heat. He either has tracks with or is working on tracks with legends like AG (DITC), Tragedy, Onyx, Planet Asia, as well as everybody you can think of that’s on the come up like Vic Spencer, Jay NiCE, SageInfinite, Nowaah The Flood, and tons more. However, the squad he puts in the most work with is the Dump Mafia. After producing a bunch of cuts for Tha God Fahim and Heem Stogied’s numerous early Dump Gawd projects, he produced a full EP for Heem (The Theory of Mankind) and a full album for Fahim (The Story of Halloween Homicide). While Heem has done joint EPs with a couple of producers, Fahim has never rapped over only one producer’s beats for a whole album…except his own. A day before Halloween he dropped his umpteenth album of the year and fans were surprised that he was rocking strictly EyeDee beats…pleasantly surprised, but surprised nonetheless. The tracks are dark and brooding, but still have that boom bap essence. Exactly the kind of beats Fahim kills.

Today MASS APPEAL is giving all you aspiring MCs and beat heads a treat! We’re letting you be the first to hear the instrumental version of the album titled The Story of Halloween BEAT Homicide. The snapping snares may incite you to freestyle at work, so play at your own risk. Also, this version is dropping on cassette through Loretta Records and is bound to be the highlight of your next boom box cypher. Christmas shmistmas, press play and let’s get dark.