PREMIERE: Chuuwee ft. Tavis “CellMates” Video


Chuuwee and his partner Trizz have been repping Sactown with their unmistakeable brand of hip-hop for nearly a decade now. “Woke” is a played out term but Chuuwee and his crew are trying to wake up the 85ers. Not to say they are Five Percenters, but they are informed and opinionated. If you a fan, you already know. If not, this song we’re premiering today is a prime example of their style and subject matter.

You’ve made it halfway through the work week and we are rewarding you with Chuuwee’s new video for a song called “CellMates.” But don’t get it twisted this song is not about prison life. Instead this young vet and his homie Tavis explore the illusion of freedom in a system that is controling and opressing us all. The title is also seems to infer that we are all cell mates on a subatomic level as well. Deep shit.

As Chuuwee himself puts it, “In shows and movies the main character would always stop the current scene or alter the environment by looking directly into the camera and speaking to the audience. As if they know someone is watching this fake universe they’re acting out, so they stop and acknowledge them and explain what’s going on before going back to the “program.”

The visuals here are little more than Chuuwee and his team lamping at a diner and then smoking out someone’s “man cave” garage. However, it succeeds in conveying the feel of homies just politicking and trying to make sense of this crazy world. In fact, that’s what we can sum up this cut as, intelligent discourse…that you can bop your head to. Hit play now because it’s the perfect time of year to examine our raging consumerism.


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