PREMIERE: Rosati ft. Hus Kingpin & Rozewood “Black Agave”


We’ve been giving nuff shine to LA by way of Boston MC, Rosati, in the back half of this year. If you don’t know the name yet, maybe it’s time to start checking out MASS APPEAL a lil’ more regularly. We have premiered all of his videos in 2017, including “Pyramid Silhouette,” “Crystallizations,” and “Midnight Savages.” But here’s the weird thing, he’s been teasing fans all year long about his upcoming EP with producer Xtreme titled Bobby Womack Dreams, yet none of the aforementioned cuts or today’s premiere are actually on that project at all. Wha? Yep, Rosati been hyping us up on loosies, and we haven’t even got a taste of his sophomore studio effort. We can’t front, we’re intrigued.

On Thursday evening at famed LA venue Apt. 4B, Rosati and Xtreme will be hosting a listening session for the 9-track Bobby Womack Dreams. So, although the official release date hasn’t been set, we’re guessing it’s coming up quick. Regardless, today we’re broadcasting “Black Agave,” the last loosie before Rosati gives us his bonafide artistic vision. This is yet another cut that brings together #TheWinners trifecta of Rosati, Rozewood, and Hus Kingpin. And you know that combination guarantees the track is fire. All three lyricists are at the top of their game and while they are crew, they all have very distinct styles. Xtreme’s beat is a cool mix of a classic drum loop, ambient strings, and an understated brass accent. This should tide you over until the imminently releasing Bobby Womack Dreams, so hit play now.