PREMIERE: Codenine “Spiral Staircases” Video


You might be sick of hearing it, but Massachusetts hip-hop hot spots Boston and Lynn have got more heat than we have room for on our site. We’ve been trying our damnedest to give premieres to all the most important players in both cities’ scenes. However, Codenine is one of the first Lynn rappers we hit up and one of the last to get love in 2017. He wanted to get the lead video for his new project straight before he dropped it with us. It took a sec but it was worth the wait.

So, today we are proud to present Codenine’s video for “Spiral Staircases.” This mic sniper is part of the Tragic Allies crew that also includes Estee Nack, Paranom, and Purpose. If you haven’t heard Code’s collab with Purpose titled Under Sumerian Skies (2016), you should grab that now and digest it before his new album, IX, drops next week. Well, finish reading this, watch the above video, and then go grab Under Sumerian Skies.

Almost every MC these days calls their video a movie, but rarely is it more than some low budget BS. Out of all the videos we see, very few make us take note of the director or creative team. The filmmaking entity known as Trill Is Bliss have had our attention in this last quarter of 2017 and they seem to work with all of MA’s best. So, of course, they working with Codenine. And “Spiral Staircases” actually is a mini movie with a proper plot and actors. We won’t spoil the story and twist but we will say the visuals fit the song’s vibe. Producers Motif Alumni & Kas bring together violin and guitar samples for a joint that captures the sway and sound of ‘70s soul. After a dope Omar vocal snippet, Code proceeds to kickin’ that fly spit. Enough build up, press play.

XI drops December 12 but you can pre-order it now at