PREMIERE: Rock Abruham ft. Kool Keith “Yes”


Hip hop in the ’90s had personality. There was a lot of creativity, tons of concept albums, and even the gimmicks were dope. From Wu-Tang to Kool Keith, from Das EFX to The Afros, from The Fu-Schnickens to The Liks, artists brought flavor. Now, we’re not saying that kind of individuality doesn’t exist anymore; it’s just not as popular and therefore harder to find. However, we think it’s worth the dig to find a new artist who is clearly on their own shit.

When we first got a listen to Rock Abruham’s upcoming concept album Thank You Very Much we were immediately impressed by the sharp wordplay, buttery beats, and adherence to the theme. And the theme is craft beer. That’s what Rock is all about. Hence the A-bru-ham, instead of Abraham. He even considers himself a cicerone, which is a beer sommelier. On a side note, this album is the first time in a long time that we’ve enjoyed some comedic interludes. They seem to recall the hilarious convo that connects songs on the ‘90s classic De La Soul Is Dead.

To start your week off right we are sharing Rock’s (aka Surock) second single off Thank You Very Much titled “Yes.” The chill beat is a combination of a female vocal sample, a frenetic xylophone loop, and a solid snare. Bru sparks the track by firing off a round of darts, and then his special guest, and hip-hop legend, Kool Keith comes in with one of his best verses in years. He manages to stay on topic (craft beer, in case you forgot) with more success than Rock on this one. You might want to save this cut until beer o’clock, but then again it just might the relaxed riddim you need to make to happy hour.

Thank You Very Much drops January 26, but you can pre-order it on Rock’s Bandcamp page now.