PREMIERE: Lightshow “Burberry Umbrellas”


Southeast Washington, D.C. rapper Lightshow established his name with the 2016 mixtape If These Walls Could Talk. His latest release, Kalorama Heights, grapples with his city’s gentrification, economic stratification, and all-around hateration.

Today MASS APPEAL premieres the official music video for “Burberry Umbrellas,” the lead single off the album, which exposes the haters in our midst.  “It speaks to the fact that you have to watch the kind of people who are coming around your circle, because people don’t have the best intentions,” explains Lightshow. “Whether it’s people you bring in or people your friends bring around. A lot of times things get stolen by someone you’ve been around. Sometimes people want to have everything that you have in your life. I’ve got family members who I can’t rock with because we just don’t see eye to eye, because we’re on two different pages on how we see the world. People have to live their own life and that doesn’t go well.”

With that being said, how’s a player supposed to proceed? “Play by your own rules,” Lightshow advises. “Nothing is ever what it seems. Don’t be a hater, be better. I get through that hate in the coolest way possible, with my Burberry umbrella out, in style, making them hate me even more.” In other words, you can’t stand under his umbrella.”