Morehouse Student from “XO Tour Llif3” Remix Inks ‘Sesame Street’ Deal


The next time a professor or superior at work tells you to stop fucking around on the internet, ignore them. Obnoxiously.

Julien Turner, the hilarious Morehouse College student that flipped Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO Tour Llif3” into a biology remix for extra credit, has inked a deal along with his brother—whose film production company boasts his older brother Julien as a partner—with Sesame Street to do film work for the famed children’s media brand.

Turner’s remix went viral immediately after its early November release, and for good reason. Rather than settle for retweets or “likes” on Instagram, Turner made his extra-credit biology project a remix of one of the year’s biggest hits, complete with original verses and an original chorus and bridge. “Meiosis is aliiiike, except it happens twiiiice,” he wails in the video, mimicking Uzi’s eerie, Auto-Tuned octave switch.

Turner made the announcement via Twitter, posting a picture of him and his younger brother Justen, who started Dreadhead Films with Julien in 2016. The company’s work has been recognized on a national scale in the past, but Sesame Street is certainly their biggest gig yet. “Thankful to announce that my brother and I have become two of the youngest filmmakers to ever be commissioned to produced a Sesame Street film. It will be featured in the 2018-2019 season.”

It’ll be fascinating to see what the future holds for these two, but would it be wrong to ask for one or two more hot take remixes before they go big time? We’ve already seen “XO Tour Llif3” and “Bodak Yellow” get the academia face-lift.

Driver’s Ed remix of “Motorsport,” anyone?