Thirstin Howl III Flexes With Japanese Lo Heads In “Japan Style”


As many Polo Ralph Lauren enthusiasts know, this movement is worldwide, baby. Lo Heads be rocking Crest symbols and Stadium plates outside of New York. The P-Wings rocked by Brooklyn OGs have flown to places like Japan, where Lo culture is booming with passionate Japanese collectors.

Recently, the Skillionaire and godfather of this Polo lifestyle,  Thirstin Howl III, visited his fellow Lo Lifes in Japan to film the music video for “Japan Style.” The latest video off of his recent project Skillmatic, “Japan Style” aims to show the global reach of the Lo Life movement. It even includes a feature from Japan’s biggest Polo collector, Dak-Lo.

“In Japan on the train, feel like Doctor Strange / Lo Down styles might rock my chain / Tokyo smoke like polio / With the Holy Ghost / Samurai life, Holy robes” Thirstin Howl III spits .

In his interview this year with MASS APPEAL, Thirstin Howl III noted how a younger generation has gravitated to the Polo culture that the Lo Lifes started. He specifically pointed out the fact that many Japanese collectors were young guys in their 20s.

“They were all young and they were pulling out suitcases with like $50,000 worth of fucking vintage Polo—it just shows how timeless it is,” he said. “It is based around the golden era. This is hip hop culture, man. It is for every generation.”

Watch and listen to”Japan Style” above to see Japan Anoraks, Stadium 1992 pullovers, and more classic Polo pieces.