Scarface Refuses to be Politically Correct on “Black Still”


Scarface has upended release day with two surprise new tracks, one of them being “Black Still,” a brazen assessment of race relations in America void of politically correct and diplomatic verbiage. The Houston legend has also announced a new 10-track album, Deeply Rooted: The Lost Files, which follows 2015’s Deeply Rooted LP.

Over an instrumental driven by live instrumentation—notably eerie, tentative piano keys—’Face comes through with a melter like only he can, elbowing his way through drum patterns and strummed bass strings with an unsweetened take on the “aftermath of slavery,” and America’s severely unbalanced social and racial landscape. “Our kids are educated by the enemy,” raps ‘Face, “And they still don’t know their history.”

“Ain’t no sense in being diplomatic,” he raps, elsewhere on the track, “Televise the revolution let these motherfuckers have it.”

In addition to “Black Still,” Scarface also released “Same Ol’ Same,” a deadpan record about the cyclical nature of violence and volatility where he’s from. “You bag me, they wet you/ It’s simple ain’t no need to complicate that.”

Scarface has yet to announce a release date for The Lost Files. Stream “Black Still” and “Same Ol’ Same” above, and pre-order The Lost Files here.


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