PREMIERE: EvillDewer “The God Particle Pt. 1 & 2”


There is a lot of quality instrumental hip hop out there that doesn’t get any love. The lack of MC, singer, or even a hook usually precludes this area of hip hop from becoming commercially successful. But that doesn’t mean we can’t big it up and put it on your radar. So this month we are going be hitting you with an ample sampling of amazing, lyric-less rap music. And who better to start off with than Bostonian beat-brewer, EvillDewer? Since he started dropping sounds for the soul in 2011, he has gone HAM and released just shy of 20 projects! Plus, he is a major rep for a movement that goes hand-in-hand with instrumental hip-hop: cassette culture. Not only was his recent Bck On The Blk album released on limited edition tape by Loretta Records, but he has three more drops coming on the throwback format in 2018.

That brings us to today’s premiere, “The God Particle Pt. 1 & 2.” Although he does do collab projects with MCs and occasionally has rappers on his albums, this is the first leak from his fully instrumental project Apocrypha. And “The God Particle” two-parter is a fitting intro to what you are going to hear coming out your boom box if you manage to snag one of the in-demand Apocrypha tapes. The 5+ minute song is the kind of progressive, layered, beat music that heads like DJ Shadow and DJ Krush are known for. The first part is kinda jazzy and consists of a reverbed-out vibraphone sample saddled with a heavily chopped drum loop. But then the follow-up beat is kinda ominous and less experimental. Whereas “Pt. 1” would be hard to spit on, “Pt. 2” may end up on a couple SoundCloud rappers projects. Hit play and you’ll see what we mean.


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