What We Learned from Jaden Smith’s AMA


Jaden Smith is a well known weird kid. Long ago, the son of Will and Jada went from being the Karate Kid to being the most philosophical celebrity tweeter of his generation. Now an adult, he’s become the lead voice actor in the Netflix Originals anime show Neo Yokio, and he occasionally gives the people hilarious metaphysical mind-blowing viral videos. Having released his debut album SYRE two weeks ago, and a music video for his single “Icon,” the rapper-actor-cool guy did a Reddit AMA where he revealed the expansion plans for his sustainable water bottle start-up, Just Water, his Arctic Monkeys jam, and why he Writes All Of His Words Like This (spoiler: aesthetics). Read the highlights from AMA below.

Jaden Smith is intimidated by Frank Ocean
He fucks with BROCKHAMPTON
With hard work, you too can moonwalk on gravel
Yeezus808s and Heartbreaks
He knows that he’s weird af and he doesn’t care

Check out the full AMA and learn what who Jaden’s top 5 next album features are.