CRIMEAPPLE is spreading out. While this New Jerz verb-server has largely stuck with Buck Dudley production this past year, he has also leaked a number of loosies with two other buzzing names: Giallo Point and sadhugold. While we have given Giallo plenty of coverage in 2017, we have only started to put the spotlight on sadhu. But just to be clear, he is one of our picks to be making serious noise in 2018. So, after these two dropped three songs at the end of the summer, we were hyped at the prospect that they may have an EP or LP on the way. However, CRIME then dropped four EPs in a row with Buck Dudley and we figured his cuts with sadhu were just one-offs. Well, regardless of if they are working towards a full project together or not, we’ve got new music from this boom bap team-up.

Today we’re filling your ears with the sweet sounds of “God Don’t Like Ugly.” If you’re a fan of sadhu’s work for the Dump Mafia and his own instrumental releases like Dump Dynasty: Kung-Fu Island, you know he is a master of flipping and chopping vocal samples. And he does not disappoint with this soulful beat. The lazy drums coupled with some funky bass and high note harmonizing produces a vibe that is upbeat but relaxed at the same time. CRIME takes this opportunity to reenforce the fact that he’s his humor and wit are what put him head and shoulders above most of the MCs in the game right now. The title here is a self-depreciating joke, but don’t get it twisted, CRIME is continuing to serve the fiends with or without god’s favor. Do yourself a solid and hit play now.


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