PREMIERE: Spnda x Grubby Pawz “Gutter Ballad” Video


We’re starting to sound like a broken record the way we big up the Massachusetts hip-hop scene almost daily. Regardless, we keep pitching this high grade boom bap from Boston (and surrounding areas) until these cats get the shine they deserve. We all know Termanology, Slaine, and Reks, but how about Estee Nack, Code 9, King Author, Haze, Magno Garcia…? We could go on and on.

If you’re up on Boston’s underground, you may well be familiar with Spnda from his group with JuneLyfe and Rah Intelligence called Retrospek. They dropped a couple solid releases before concentrating on solo endeavours. Even those that don’t know Retrospek may be fans of Spnda’s bars and not know his name, as he has featured on notable projects like Hus Kingpin’s House of Kingpin and Reks The Greatest X.

On this cold Tuesday in early winter we are giving you a first look at the video for “Gutter Ballad.” This vid is being shared to coincide with the release of Spnda’s album with prolific producer Grubby Pawz, Steel Sharpens Steel. This is an inspired effort by two artists at the top of their game, and will have you taking it right back to the top after getting to the end of the last track. As Spnda says on “Gutter Ballad,” “I leave beats charged like they’ve been injected with alkaline.” So, we suggest starting with the vid because the ethereal guitar wail, hushed drums, and vivid imagery paired with footage of dilapidated building and the pulpit of a church is something you need to peep. Then, follow that up with one or two rotations of the album, which you can find below.

Steel Sharpens Steel is available on limited edition CD and obi strip cassette here. But you’re going to want to act fast because both formats are almost sold out.