PREMIERE: FREEWIFI ft. $teven Cannon “Salsa”


Back in 2016 Minneapolis MCs Tha Rift, J. Plaza, Daddy Dinero connected with producer Angelo Bombay to create FREEWIFI, releasing a collaboration called “Ego” with a chorus courtesy of Tha Rift’s alongside Plaza and Dinero’s boisterous bars. The group’s name was inspired by the virtual connections amongst these up-and-coming MCs who came together to create something larger than the sum of its parts.

Today MASS APPEAL premieres the music video to “Salsa,” a standout track from the group’s debut EP. “As soon as the beat dropped, we thought… Aye! This sounds like some salsa shit,” remembers The Rift. “J. Plaza jumped in and freestyled that catchy ass hook, so we tapped into our Spanish selves and the rest was history.”

The song also features a verse from $teven Cannon, last seen rocking with Lil Xan. “We first met $teven Cannon and Lil Xan in Los Angeles while we were in the studio with DJ FU,” says Plaza. “He came out to Minnesota to rock an after-party with us after we performed at Soundset 2017. We had a good time at Soundset…we all were just coolin’ on stage, sippin’ on Henny, watching Travis Scott perform. A couple weeks later we sent $teven him “Salsa” and he sent his verse right back. He killed it!” Judge for youself up top and then get familar with FREEWIFI on Apple Music  and Spotify.