Supreme and North Face Really Made the “Mountain” Mountain Jacket


This year marks the tenth year of Supreme’s relationship with outdoor clothing brand, The North Face. Every single season since 2007, the two brands team up and cook up the season’s most hyped and heavily sought after Supreme release. Earlier this year, word spread that Supreme was really thinking of dropping a ‘Mountain’ Mountain Jacket. Today, that rumor become a reality.

Supreme’s “Mountain” Mountain Jacket truly represents what The North Face’s gear was originally about before it became trendy pieces for SoHo hypebeasts. The new collection dives further into The North Face’s outdoor lifestyle with the inclusion of a jacket made for sleeping on top of a snowy and brick mountain–the 700 Fill, Baltoro jacket.

To further excited teenage hypebeasts about The North Face’s commitment to mountaineering, Supreme’s new drop includes some shirts, hats, backpacks and even a Nuptse blanket, with–yes, you guessed it right–snow-peaked mountain imagery.

The T-shirts and hats pair Preme’s iconic red box logo with The North Face’s half dome logo side-by-side with the mountain image featured throughout the entire collection.

It’s mountain madness out here, even though everyone knows there are no mountains in Manhattan. (Shout out to Wiki.) Nevertheless, it is a unique release in the long line of Supreme collabs that makes up for that lazy idea of releasing a leather Nuptse jacket this Spring.

The collection drops Thursday and will likely sell out quickly like all other North Face x Supreme releases.

But check it, folks, no matter how fresh these jackets may look, don’t be fooled. These Baltoros aren’t made out of Gore DryLoft and those Mountains aren’t made out of Gore-Tex, so I wouldn’t hit Everest in these. You might look dope, but you also might end up wet, cold and dead.

However, if you want to look like a walking air freshener or a Bob Ross painting in the streets of New York, more power to you.