PREMIERE: Tedy Andreas “Ill Intentions”


He may hail from Houston, Texas, but Tedy Andreas rocks a Cleveland Indians jacket in the video for “Ill Intentions,” a Prod By Kill track off his recent project, IN2Deep. The visuals, which MASS APPEAL premieres today, were shot in New York City—a fitting location as Andreas counts NYC rhymesayers like Mobb Deep and Wu-Tang amongst his influences. “The video was shot in NYC even though I’m from the south,” the artist explains. “We wanted to keep the video simple, but authentic to my true style.” That gritty aesthetic has bee apparent since the release of his 2015 debut project, Mad Illusions, which caught the ear of Sha Money XL—whose work with G-Unit and Yo Gotti speaks for itself.

The new video, directed by Lawrence Raines, finds Andreas posting up by bodegas, jacking a German whip, and sending his goons to deal with a kid who fronts on his music. “The inspiration for the video and the song, mainly stems from the people who’ve had ill intentions in my life,” Andreas explains. “For example, friends that turned out to be foul and brought about bad situations.  It also speaks to the ‘ill intentions’ I plan to bring to the rap game. I’m not gonna hold back and got bad intentions for anyone, in the way of this movement.”