PREMIERE: Sauce Heist x Camoflauge Monk “Z-BO”


Most people first heard Camouflage Monk on a Griselda or Dump Mafia mixtape or album. However, what we haven’t heard from Camo yet is the new artists he is helping to develop. That’s about to change as Buffalo’s beat barbarian has been troopin’ back and forth between coasts, lacing all kinds of heads with heat. One of those heads is the Bronx’ Sauce Heist, and not only did this young MC get one banger from the stash, Camo did a whole EP with dun.

So, for Black Friday we have got a deal for you: get a first listen of Sauce Heist x Camo’s “Z-Bo” for FREE.99. That’s right, $0 down and $0 a month! Ha! We don’t want to say this is a throwback, but when you hit play, you’re going to be listening to the kind of quality hip-hop that used to be common place. A languid soul sample sets the tone here and Sauce lays in the cut, spittin’ that New York slang that used to rule the airwaves. A lot of artists try to sound like Wu-Tang these days, but this cut brings back that ‘90s Shaolin feel without the creators making a conscious effort to do so. Roll up, lean back, and hit play.