Ma$e Drops Cam’Ron Diss “The Oracle”


Just a few days after Dipset reuniting, Ma$e has resurrected and turned holiday cheer into killa season. Early this morning, he dropped a heavy diss track titled “The Oracle” to his former childhood friend, Cam’ron. The Harlem natives were once both members of the rap group, Children Of The Corn two decades ago. In 1998, Ma$e hopped on Cam’s “Horse & Carriage,” giving him his first single, but since then the two have had a reasonable amount of public beef. This one blindsided many for sure. Some might say the diss track stemmed from a rant Cam’ron made back in March where he claimed that Ma$e only became a pastor to dodge violence on the streets. He also added that while he doesn’t blame Ma$e for making that decision, he personally wouldn’t have done the same.

“See that’s what Ma$e did. Ma$e went real wild. Ma$e said, ‘You know what? I’m gonna just start saying I’m in church.’ Ma$e took it too far though — started preaching and all that s**t. I see what he was doing with that s**t. He’s like, ‘You know what? Niggas ain’t gonna motherfuckin harass me if I’m in church. That’s what Ma$e did. He said, ‘Yo, they can’t beef with me, they can’t ask me for nothing. I’m gonna throw on the Rev. Run collar and get the fuck out of here. Fuck that.”

On the 4-minute track over JAY-Z’s “Blueprint 2” track, Ma$e makes some far-from-holy accusations including snitching, Cam’s issues within Dipset, incest, unsuccessful business deals and shady setups. As if that wasn’t enough, Ma$e also adds that Cam’ron has his name tattooed on him.

Every since 10 you was a thirst nigga
And I aint gone talk about the time you fucked your sister
In 2002 you lost 50 pounds ulcers in liver
And now you tryna sell niggas liquor nigga
You always play the sucker part
Where was all that Rico shit when you left Jim in Rucker

Listen to “The Oracle” below.

And there’s no need to wonder if and when Cam will respond, because he’s already taken to Instagram with a rather calm response to show he’s war ready, even throwing in a kissy emoji.