Black Friday: The 20 Most Expensive Hip Hop Collectables on eBay


Now that Thanksgiving leftovers are wrapped up, it’s time to rack up. It’s Black Friday, America’s most unforgiving holiday tradition and the biggest retail day of the year—the official start of Christmas shopping season. Americans can’t even wait until Thanksgiving dinner is digested to dive face first into the cesspool of American consumerism.

Eight hours ago your arm went in to hug your Aunt Sharon and your were holding hands with your wifey. Today, that same arm is likely being used to shove people out of your fucking way like a fullback, as you desperately cling onto the last 60″ flat screen TV at a 75 percent off discount at Wal-Mart.

Cyber Monday—or anything else that involves sitting at a computer and browsing through items—is a bit less savage. But for savvy online shoppers, everyday is Black Friday or Cyber Monday if you know how to finesse eBay. There are times when we find items on eBay that are just too damn expensive. Yet sometimes we dream and still hit that WATCH button. Because maybe if we all stopped buying ridiculous quantities of stupid and materialistic shit, we can actually save up for something truly special.

So for Black Friday, MASS APPEAL compiled this list of the most expensive hip hop items on eBay. Why the most expensive when it’s Black Friday? Because some of these items are worth the high price tags and could use a good home. Others serve as a good laugh to today’s sad consumerist resell culture.

We got everything on this list. From rare rap T-shirts and jackets, to all gold record players and $2,000 dollar Timbs. There’s something for every sort of hip hop head on this list. Check it out below and let your wallet shed a tear for the most beautiful ballerific time of the year.