Listen to Wifisfuneral Sprint Alongside Dooney Montana on New Track, “Gotenks”


Wifisfuneral was one of the initial stars of the recent “Soundcloud” uprising that nabbed the attention of major label execs, namely Todd Moscowitz, who inked the Florida rapper to Alamo/Interscope earlier this year. And though he’s experienced a turbulent year, primarily due to Revenge Tour events, which landed him in the hospital one night, Wifi is again reminding his fans why he stood out from his peers in the first place. Below, you can listen to “Gotenks,” a two-minute treadmill sprint featuring the rapper Dooney Montana inspired by, but not about, the famed Dragon Ball Z character.

Wifi hits the instrumental methodically initially, but seconds into his verse his double-time cadence begins clanging off the snare, as his crescendo flow becomes increasingly less formal, sometimes swerving into the next rhyme scheme prematurely. Dooney Montana, an upstart rapper that’s collaborated with Brooklyn and Broward County rep Robb Bank$, grabs the baton and hits the track accordingly, keeping pace with Wifi until the brief track comes to a close.

Despite the madness that’s characterized Wifi’s run of late—he was attacked during a concert on XXXTentacion’s Revenge Tour—he’s continued to grow stronger. His recent mixtape, Boy Who Cried Wolf, further established him as a force to be reckoned with, despite Wifi deliberately leaking it.

Wifi also recently appeared on “Dollar Sign Videos” beside Cris Dinero, who co-produced “Gotenks” with Nuez.

It’s almost turkey day. (H)eat up above.


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