Xavier Wulf’s “Check It Out” Is Hard And As Memphis As It Gets


Ever since 2012, when Xavier Wulf broke through with the Raider Klan, the Memphis rapper has been on a hot streak.  And on “Check It Out,” he hasn’t lost a step.

Produced by Grizz Beats and Squat Beats, “Check it Out” finds Wulf spitting braggadocio rhymes over wintry chimes and a propulsive drum track. The beat goes, the raps are hard, and Skepta approves. Perhaps no rapper in the game is pulling off the ‘shouting-in-the-club’ style better than Xavier, well, aside from Three Six Mafia fam — Xavier calmy raps the verses, teasing us, before going completely ham on the chorus.

If “Check it Out” is meant to promote any particular Wulf project, it isn’t yet clear; since 2016’s Tundra Boy Season 2 EP, he’s been dropping singles left and right. However, there is a project on deck — Krater’s Atlas, which finds Wulf paired with goth rapper Bones, and whose single, “CrashLanding” dropped on Halloween. It is very fire.

Since leaving Raider Klan, Xavier Wulf has haunted L.A. with former members Eddy Baker and Chris Travis, developing his style considerably — he rapped on Lil Peep’s classic Hellboy, and had the song “Philosopher’s Throne” featured in the opening credits of an Atlanta episode (episode four, to be exact). So, he’s got some momentum built up.

At 25, Wulf is relatively young, with a career still rapidly developing. The lean freshness of “Check It Out” portends even more great things to come.


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