PREMIERE: Ruste Juxx & The Last Composer “Never Ran Never Will” ft. Flashius Clayton


We always applaud when different generations of hip-hop work together. It’s fresh when a more established MC or producer reaches out to a cat just starting to buzz.

We’ve given you plenty of cuts from Flashius Clayton and his partner Lisaan’dro in the last few months, but today we’re delivering you a Ruste Juxx track that features The Bay beast, Flash. You best know Juxx! But if need a refresher, he was Sean Price’s protege and made his debut on Heltah Skeltah’s Magnum Force album. Since then he has dropped a handful of albums on Duck Down, including a joint project with Marco Polo. So, yeah, when a dude like that asks Flashius to throw the closing verse on his next single, it’s kinda a big deal.

MASS APPEAL is proud to be the first outlet to let you hear Ruste Juxx’s first leak from his upcoming album with producer on the rise, The Last Composer. “Never Ran Never Will” is that hardcore hip-hop heads fiend for. The loop and sound effects remind us of early RZA, while the way both MCs come at the track is reminiscent of the days when having a bunch of quotable punchlines was a lyricist’s main goal. Juxx brings that brash, raw Bucktown spit, and then Flash responds with a hail of darts that ends with the illest Ghost Dog line ever. So, press play, for god sakes.


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