Craigslist Sneaker Reseller Robbed at Gunpoint of $6,000 N*E*R*D Adidas


Sneaker robberies are nothing new. When rocking a pair of expensive kicks, you’ve got to keep your head on a swivel to make sure you don’t get pressed for your footwear and sent walking home in socks. A Los Angeles man named Justin Woehler didn’t heed this advice and was relieved of a pair of uber-rare, Pharell Williams-designed Adidas N.E.R.D NMD Hu’s after being robbed at gunpoint on Friday.

As reported by CBS LA, Woehler, 25, tried to resell his kicks for $6,000 on Craigslist, of all websites, after buying them at Complex Con for $465. He met the would-be buyer in a public parking lot and for some insane reason, agreed to sit inside of the guy’s car, a white, four-door BMW 3 Series. As the buyer counted the money, he tried to negotiate the price. Woehler wasn’t having it until he realized that gun pointed at his face is an excellent bargaining chip. Staring down the barrel of a black semi-automatic handgun, he handed over the sneakers and his cellphone and bounced, taking an L rather than a bullet.

It’s an unfortunate incident, and Woehler is fortunate to come out unscathed. But come on, son. You played yourself the second you made that Craigslist listing. My guy, it’s 2017. The internet has a ton of online selling platforms like DePop, GOAT, Stock X, Grailed and eBay. Yet you still out here posting your $6,000 shoes on Craigslist like it’s 2001. SMH.

The only people who still use Craigslist are either old and not internet savvy, or suspects. The Washington Post reported last year that 101 murders have been linked to Craigslist. That adds up to 101 reasons why everyone should stay TF away from that website.

Many sneakerheads prefer IRL meetups to sell sneakers—the customer is able to hold the product in his hands and the seller can swerve around dealing with the post office or paying extra selling fees to Paypal and consignment sites. Still, selling kicks online comes with this wonderful sense of security: The worst thing that could happen is bum-ass kids sending lowball offers or USPS fucking up a delivery. At least no one is going to stick you up at gunpoint.

As for Woehler’s situation, the suspects have not yet been identified or apprehended. Surveillance video has captured one suspect on camera—he’s described as a 5’9″ black man in his 30s, weighing about 185 pounds. He told Woehler that he goes by “Shorty.” A second suspect is believed to have dreadlocks.

Let this story be a lesson to all of you prospective sneaker entrepreneurs. Either realize it’s a horrible idea to sell expensive AF shoes in person or pack some extra heat when selling those kicks.