PREMIERE: Ray Vendetta “Billion Bar Mindset”


2017 has been an amazing year for hip hop. Both commercial and underground acts have dropped an impressive number of albums that are certified bangers—and that goes beyond just the States. MASS APPEAL is fans of hardbody hip hop from all corners of the globe, and we go our of our way to hunt down that piffery wherever it’s being grown. Today, instead of some hybrid strain, we’re bringing you pure and potent British boom bap from Ray Vendetta.

Below is the brand-new single from the prolific North London rapper, who’s been mashing mics solo and with the UK supergroup Triple Darkness for years. If that name doesn’t ring any bells, maybe you’re familiar with Tesla’s Ghost, Ray’s rhyme partner and fellow member of TD. The duo also forms The Odd Couple together and has dropped a criminally slept-on project earlier this year titled This Thing of Ours.

Back to the track at hand, Ray hooks up with Cali beat-composer EyeDee for a chill salute to carefully crafted bars. I’m talking clearly articulated punchlines, not mumbly bullshit. Push play and get you some.