Westside Doom, the Westside Gunn and MF Doom Collab, is Here


The English boutique record label Daupe! is an underground rap fan’s wet dream. Their hardbody releases are limited like streetwear and sell out instantly.

Case in point, WestSide Doom, a collaboration between WestSide Gunn and MF Doom. The limited-edition 12-inch, released just two days ago (Nov. 13), was immediately snatched up by eager fans (though the FLAC files are still available on Bandcamp).

WestSide Doom showcases the New York veterans outdoing each other with compressed, clipped rhymes.

On the Daringer-produced “Gorilla Monsoon,” Gunn, in full sing-songy flow, raps: “My bedroom had a bedroom,” and “rocking Vetements, backhand you with the 40” […] “Supreme Louie box logo with the .44 (boom boom boom)”

Alchemist takes over production duties on the cinematic “2 Stings.” Over a headnod-inducing drum track, Doom deadpans: “Clear advantage like playing paddle ball on Adderall.”

Though it is only a 2-song release, the project also features acapella and instrumentals of the two cuts, and if the material here is any indication, a proper full-length, or at the very least an EP from the pair should be in the cards.

That is, of course, if the rappers have time. Along with Kaytranada, Doom recently signed on to executive produce the forthcoming album from Bishop Nehru — that’s to say nothing of his own material, like the Missing Notebook Rhymes, an Adult Swim project that disappeared from the web when it was canceled by the network in late September.

Gunn has been busy as well. Along with Conway, the rapper signed to Shady Records in March; early November saw the release his latest mixtape, Hitler Wears Hermes 5which has helped the Buffalo rapper grow his buzz even bigger. The project finds Gunn in proper form, delivering street-hardened rhymes over lo-fi, sinister beats — more of the same from him, but you know what they say, if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.