Smokepurpp’s “Deadstar” Video Game Features Unreleased Tracks


After dropping his debut, Deadstar, in October, it turns out that Smokepurpp isn’t quite done releasing music this year.

In his new smartphone game, Deadstar: The Game, a couple of new bangers can be hard. That is, of course, if you can find them.

Taking its cues from Flappy Bird, Deadstar: The Game, finds us bobbing Smokepurpp’s head through a cartoon graveyard while collecting cash, dodging ‘Gucci Ghosts,’ and if you’re lucky, the occasional Xanax bar, which launches you into ‘Xanny mode.’

It took this writer around thirty minutes to find the unreleased tracks. The first one, “Bih,” unlocked after two stints in “Xanny mode,” which also slowed Lil Pump’s bars on “OK” to a drugged out drawl while allowing me ample time to dodge those nifty ghosts.

The second one came after a few more Xans and a few more close calls with the tombstones.

While releasing music through a video game is not exactly a new thing (diehards among us remember 50 Cent’s Blood on the Sand, a third-person shooter for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 that came complete with its own soundtrack back in 2009), it remains a novel, underutilized approach.

Music discovery is among the greatest challenges facing artists these days, with an onslaught of releases clouding the schedule, and listeners’ attention spans only but so wide. And with people practically glued to their phones, perhaps it is best to give them new music where they live, right there on the screen.

In any event, dodging ghosts to the tune of “Krispy Kreme” and eating Xans is about as much fun, and probably a lot healthier, in the virtual world; this way, you’ve even got some new cuts to seek out in the process.

If you find any other unreleased gems, hit the comments section and let your friends at Mass Appeal know!