Rick Ross Joins Massive Crowd at Free Meek Mill Rally


In Philadelphia last night (Nov. 13), hundreds rallied outside the Criminal Justice Center in support of Meek Mill. The rapper was recently incarcerated, some argue unfairly, for violating his parole.

The rally was not only a demand that the Philly native be set free, and that Judge Genece Brinkley — said to have flaunted her judicial powers irresponsibly in her dealings with Meek — to step down from her judgeship, it was also a cry for sweeping criminal justice reforms across the board.

The crowd rapped Meek’s classic “Dreams and Nightmares,” chanted “Fuck that judge!” and “Free Meek Mill.” They were joined in their efforts by Meek’s MMG boss Rick Ross, 76er legend Julius Erving, Malcolm Jenkins of the Eagles and the rapper Freeway.

“If it takes Meek Mill to draw this attention,” Rick Ross told the crowd, “then we’re going to use Meek Mill to draw this attention that is going to speak for so many others.”

Ross suggested that wrongful incarceration was the ‘calling card’ of urban cities throughout the country.

“In Meek’s case, it isn’t simply a miscarriage of justice, it’s an abortion of justice,” he said. “This feels personal. I think the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania may need to take a second look at this bizarre sentencing, and make sure this travesty of justice is fixed so we can move forward and Meek Mill can move forward and go back to being a great father, a great leader, a great example, a great entrepreneur.”

At times, police struggled to keep the the gated area containing the scheduled speakers secure; some attendees hopped the gates to get closer to the celebrities. Following the rally, an impromptu march began through the streets, with dozens of Philadelphia’s finest trailing closely behind.