PREMIERE: Lofty305 “Famous” Video


It’s easy to get lost in the early success of whatever you choose to make your career. And if you don’t come to terms with the mistakes you made up to that point, they may come back to haunt you when you least expect it. Luckily, Lofty305 is on the path to preventing that.

The Miami artist looks back at his past in order to clear the way for a brighter future. Lofty305 recognizes that he did certain things like take drugs with specific people for disingenuous reasons. He didn’t want to stick out so he went along with the expected rapper behavior. Now it’s time to call himself out over production that is a heavy chant in its own right and features moments of brilliant synth runs.

The Goodson-directed video puts Lofty305 in a literal and metaphoric jungle to symbolize his being on high alert for the pitfalls up to this point. Look out for his upcoming project sooner than later.