PREMIERE: Haze & Grubby Pawz ‘After The Glory’ EP


There comes a point in every artist’s life where one must decide if the struggle is worth it. Not everybody gets to be Chance the Rapper. In fact, not many can make music without having a second job. Today, we salute everyone who sacrifices on the daily to make banging tracks. Haze is one of those artists.

In keeping with our support of Massachusetts’ hip hop scene, MASS APPEAL is sharing Haze and Grubby Pawz’s brand new EP After The Glory one day before it officially drops. Think of it as our private listening session, just for you.

Haze is an MC out of Boston who’s been grinding for longer than he’d care to admit. We’ve been chopping it up with for a couple months now—MASS APPEAL got at him shortly after he and producer Grubby Pawz had graced listeners with their inspired album The Failures and The Glory in the middle of this summer. The 11-track project was a limited-CD-and-cassette release and garnered some much-deserved attention.

Some of that attention was yours truly inquiring to see what else this twosome had in the works. Turns out, with the response to The Failures and The Glory, they’d considered giving the people leftover cuts from those sessions. Ultimately though, they decided to record a brand-new EP after gaining recognition from respected media outlets—and they invited some of their (and our) favorite contemporary MCs along for the ride.

We’ve premiered songs from everybody who cameos here (CRIMEAPPLE, Tragic Allies, Eto, and JuneLyfe), so it’s not hard to co-sign this extended player. Let’s be clear though, Haze’s impassioned delivery and Grubby’s dusty beats are still the stars of the show here. We know y’all are likely to immediately jump to the CRIMEAPPLE or Eto features, but make sure to check the solo tracks “La Gloria,” “Sell It By the Liter,” and “23rd of April.”

You can pre-order After The Glory on Haze & Grubby Pawz’s Bandcamp page, but sadly the limited edition cassette run is already sold out.