Migos Allegedly Jumped and Beat TF Out of XXXTentacion


XXXTentacion went on Instagram to tell the world that while he was outside of his hotel in Los Angeles today he was jumped by Migos and their entourage. He posted a video of what looks to be Takeoff running away with his security guard behind him.

Later on Monday night, X posted an Instagram story with a giant bruise on his right eye and blood on his face. He said that a member of Migos’ crew pulled a gun on him and hit him in the eye. X continued that none of the members of Migos actually touched him. Instead the Atlanta trio sent members of their entourage to jump him.

X said that if Migos ever release a video of the incident, they should make sure to show what X did to one of the members of their crew. “His homeboy bleeding from the side of his fucking eyeballs, bruh, I swear to god,” X said in his IG story. He later pointed the camera to his hair showing some blood stains on his dreads. X stressed that it wasn’t his blood.

“If y’all niggas think I’m not going to take y’all money, y’all stupid as fuck,” X declared. “Y’all fuck niggas getting sued. I ain’t going go to the police, but I’ll finna sue the fuck out of all you guys. I finna get all that QC [Quality Control] label money.”

X then went into the bathroom and pointed at a less than one inch cut in his knee and said that his attackers allegedly stabbed him.

“Listen bruh, I swear to god if y’all don’t give me any type of clout tokens for this shit. I swear to fucking god. Look at the meat in my shit. If you don’t give me fucking clout tokens for getting fucking stabbed and being a man about it,” he continued. “I swear to god I’m going to cry.

Migos has not commented on the situation. However, it seems that the attack might have stemmed from beef that originated back when Offset said no one had ever heard of XXXTentacion and that Drake didn’t steal his flow.

In May, X responded to Offset’s comments by dissing Offset for his age. Offset responded by letting the ice on his wrist do the talking.

Although it is not clear exactly how this situation between XXXTentacion and Migos escalated to what happened today, one thing is certainly clear: X just got his second major ass whooping of the year.