The North Face Deadass Made Nuptse Timberlands B


Nah, son, we ain’t playing with you. The North Face deadass teamed up with Timberland to drop what might be the most boldly New York shoe ever made. Yes sir, two great minds came together and cooked up what will forever be known as the 6″ North Face Nuptse Timberland.

Two timeless pieces of New York winterwear form like Voltron thanks to a sewing machine and a heavy dollop of ridiculousness. All New Yorkers know the Nuptse puffer, which turned 25 this year; it is a truly excellent piece of gear. That puffy, big af, 700-fill down goose, will keep you cozy on the summit and on the streets. Fuck that $900 Canada Goose. We ain’t in Toronto, fam.

So how did this all go down? Well, maybe if North Face ever responded to my press inquires, we would know! However, I have this excellent theory to offer instead.

Likely some suit at North Face headquarters in California was scrolling down his Twitter feed and peeped one of thousands of stupid New York Twitter memes featuring a pair of Timbs.

Unfortunately, instead of seeing it as a friendly reminder that New Yorkers (and the world) are still out here waiting for the return of ’91 Steep Techs and Mountain Lights, they instead thought of this bright idea. Yep, let’s give those New Yorkers exactly what they want. A Nuptse jacket for their ankles to go along with their Timbs.

All jokes aside, these shoes will likely be heavily sought after just because it is might be one of the craziest Timberland collaborations ever made. The only other great one that comes to mind are the Comme Des Garcons x Supreme Timbs.  For those interested in copping a pair, follow atmos NYC, which will be releasing the boot.

However, TNF, a Canal Street bootleg-looking Timbo will never excuse the company of dropping goofy Mountain Lights or creating high fashion Steep Techs.