Joe Budden is Selling “F*ck Joe Budden” Gear


Everybody hates Joe Budden. Or maybe Joe Budden hates everybody.

Either way, after Lil Yachty was spotted in a “Fuck Joe Budden” hoodie at one of his concerts last week, we suggested that Budden might pop up in a hoodie of his own.

Ever the provocateur, today the rapper began selling his very own “Fuck Joe Budden” hoodies and shirts through his website. The gear can found in heather gray, black and black and white, with the words “Fuck Joe Budden” plastered in large font in the center. Another design, featuring a middle finger with Budden’s name splashed across it, is also available.

The New Jersey-bred rapper has no shortage of potential clients. His laundry list of industry beefs includes the aforementioned Yachty, plus Migos, Chance the Rapper and Russ. That’s just recent history — past spats include Lil B, Raekwon the Chef, Meek Mill and Drake, among others.

During the Yachty concert, the 21-year-old rapper, a frequent target of Budden’s ire on Everyday Struggle, said: “All these old niggas need to stop fucking with these young niggas.” As evidenced by Joe’s response, it doesn’t seem as if Yachty’s message was taken to heart; at $30 and $50, respectively, if even a handful of Joe’s frenemies pony up, there’s a chance that the merch could net the rapper a serious windfall.

If he does, it may be more money than he’s recently made from rapping; in frequent months, Budden has said he is “retired.” Not that anyone is really buying it.

“Joe Budden wants to play this whole,  I’m retired,’ like that was his choice,” Russ said during an interview with Rap Radar last month. “That’s that copout sh*t…. No, no, no, we retired you from our speakers and headphones, bro. What are you talking about? How you gonna say you’re ‘retired?’ When you were active, no one gave a f*ck. You did like 5K of your last album in the first week… Nobody’s checking for Joe Budden.”