PREMIERE: Waterr “Fire Marshall Bill” + “Hawk Life” ft. Ty Farris


Some rappers are born with natural talent, some have to work hard at it. Which is not to say the latter groupings hasn’t given us amazing MCs, because practice does make perfect. However, what you cannot learn or practice is a dope voice. GURU was clear that how he sounded was a huge part of his appeal. And when we recently talked Rock (Heltah Skeletah), we chatted about his distinctive, ultra deep vocals.

Today we are introducing you to a mic-masher from Chicago that has both bars AND a voice that reminds us of early Scarface. This former running back for University of Wisconsin Badgers, got serious about rocking stages when a heart-condition ended his baller aspirations. After dropping five projects in 2016, Waterr has been relatively quiet in 2017. So, we have been pushing him to drop new material with us. It took a while but this South Side representative made up for the wait by getting us two bangers for this premiere!

The first cut we’re sharing is “Fire Marshall Bill,” an upbeat cut full of important social commentary. His name may be Waterr but he’s looking to burn shit down. As he says on the hook, “No march for me, burn a federal building / Department of Revenue, or where senators live in.” The beat is handled by ‘Go pillar iLL Brown and he brings a combination of clear, clean piano and gospel choir vocals that produce a triumphant, uplifting vibe. This will be a good one to get you going at work, if your day started a lil’ slow.

Next up we got the eased out sounds of “Hawk Life.” While you may think the title has something to do with firing off rockets or fans of Atlanta’s b-ball team, but both guesses are wrong. HawkLyfe is an imprint run by iLL Brown that counts a number of quality spitters among its roster. However, this is where it gets confusing because Brown didn’t produce this one. Instead, Venice Beach’s EyeDee, who we feature quite regularly, flipped the flavorful strings here. Oh, and did we mention that Waterr’s partner-in-rhyme Ty Farris drops by to “take your blessings” and “choke that racist Texan.” These two have an album on the way titled Bulls vs. Pistons, and if this track is any indication, rappers are in danger.