21 Savage’s “Bank Account” Video Doubles as a Mike Epps Short Film


21 Savage may not have gone platinum with no features, but he sure as hell made a splash with his sophomore studio album, Issa LP, his first since announcing a partnership with Epic Records. With no pre-release push, the Metro Boomin co-produced “Bank Account” went on to become the project’s flagship hit—21 gives the acoustic revenue anthem a boost by delivering its hilarious music video, which co-stars Mike Epps.

Initially, there’s no trace of 21 Savage or “Bank Account.” Just Mike Epps, who is up to some strange comedic hijinks. That changes when he comes across a security guard fiddling with an Issa cassette, prompting the Atlanta-bred star to make his grand entrance. For much of the clip, Savage appears to be portraying some sort of mob boss, presiding over intricate maps to zero in on a target and walking intimidatingly through a group of would-be hostages. The drama intensifies as armed operatives move in on Epps. At the video’s climactic ending, the meta-spoof is revealed: Savage is merely shooting a music video.

Savage has been stingy with videos off Issa, only releasing one—albeit stellar—video thus far, for “Nothin New.” That could be because he had a whole collab album in the pipeline.

Watch the “Bank Account” hilarity ensue above.