Yung Bans Flexes in Foil for His “Dresser” Video


Rising Atlanta artist Yung Bans is back with a new video for his underground hit “Dresser,” directed by Cole Bennett. In it he raps in a makeshift room completely covered in aluminum foil. This is the creativity we love from the SoundCloud generation, or however you want to refer to it. Perfection is not the goal. The goal is to make that shit work.

Another scene in the video features Bans surrounded by bunch of little kids smiling and jumping around a basketball court. Bans is not smiling, though. This is a song is about murder.

MilanMakesBeats made the beat,which is audio LaCroix—sparkling and clean. Bans keeps an oddly serene vibe with his music. “Dead Faces” from over the summer and his breakout “4Tspoon” are also unwaveringly calm. With his non-aggressive flow further helping him stand out from his peers, it’s safe to say Yung Bans is a name you’ll be hearing more of in 2018.