Rich Chigga and 21 Savage Team Up For A “Crisis”


A year ago, the teenage Indonesian rapper Brian Imanuel, aka Rich Chigga, revived the pink polo and fanny-packed his way to internet stardom with his music video for “Dat Stick.” Rich Chigga has been living well ever since. Today, he dropped “Crisis,” a new single with a surprise feature from 21 Savage.

Like his other viral hits, Rich Chigga produced the track, which features some entrancing and bright synths and a solid drum beat. The song is centered on how Chigga has built up his name and how he’s been living it up in L.A., where he is currently recording his debut album. However, he reveals that he still doesn’t have his own ride yet.

“Fast car like Fast & Furious / She throw it back, Delorean / I’m sittin’ in somebody’s BMW recordin’ this / Not my whip, not my whip / Rather walk or take a Lyft”

Later 21 Savage comes in to bring that ATL flavor to the track also dropping some mean bars about the taste of success.

“Walking out of Louis V with the big box / Yeah I pulled at Saint Laurent, I made a pit stop
Young Savage walk around with the big Glock (21) / With that .30 hangin’ out, nigga that’s hip-hop (facts)”

For a kid who learned English pretty well through watching YouTube videos, it is understandable why Brian said he “Sound like I’m from New York City.” But Brian, let’s slow down a bit there. You definitely don’t sound like you from New York, my guy. “Lookin like the Deadass sea” is a funny bar, but it makes absolutely no sense if you actually put into the context of our language here.

However, if Ghostface Killah can ride with you, I guess all of New York can, too. Your Milly Rock needs some work, though.