PREMIERE: Buy Muy Drugs “MFKZT Episode 1: The Alchemists”


If you thought Buy Muy Drugs was just another collab between an MC and producer, you’re sadly mistaken. Nor is it merely a concept album. If you’ve got a chance to digest their self-titled LP or get a glimpse of one of their videos, you know there is something more going on here than just music. The whole thing seems vaguely religious, or at the very least ritualistic.

After absorbing the material, we came to the conclusion that the project was a meditation on America’s obsession with supplying and fighting drugs in the same breath. Further, these two appear to be the new purveyors of an ancient substance called Monatomic Gold or MMFKZT (pronounced moof-ka-zoot). When asked to clarify how BMD define themselves, the duo stated, “Buy Muy Drugs is a business that is building a nexus of partners that will program the market on monatomic elements.” Okay, so they are something like white-collar alchemists. Then, our next question was, what does MFKZT do? According to the pair, it’s a “pharmakon that has the potential to advance wellness, prevention, treatments and cures that challenge the most feared ailments of our time.” Sounds compelling right? But kinda suspicious at the same time?

Well, today we are giving you the first episode of a four-part series that explores Monatomic Gold and BMD’s connection to the element. This nearly ten minute mini doc comes off as a riff on Ancient Aliens, but we can’t front, the info presented is intriguing. Disclaimer: you may feel a lil’ high after simply watching this vid.