PREMIERE: RSXGLD (Ro Spit x 14KT) “ICU” Video


Detroit underground hip-hop is on a tear right now. A number of the scene’s current movers and shakers have dropped notable albums or EPs this year. And what we love is the clear influence of important names of D hip-hop like Slum Village, Nickel Nine (Royce), Guilty Simpson, and Marv Won.

If you are up on the beat scene, you will know 14KT’s music and likely have some in your collect. He goes all the way back to the Athletic Mic League days, if you ‘bout your backpack like that. Now, there is different levels of hip-hop production. There are those that are apt at finding dope samples and looping them up with drums. Then there are those that literally play the MPC. And another level up is producers who shape and mold sampled sounds, and use them to build compositions. You know we wouldn’t say all this if KT wasn’t all that.

Well, 14KT got together with producer-turnt-rapper Ro Spit to form the group RSXGLD. They have an infectious sound that is a little richer and more layered than your average boom bap act. Even if they didn’t put a name to it before now, these two artists have known each other for a minute and their chemistry is apparent throughout their recently released album. Today we present you with a first look at their video for “ICU.” We dare you to try not to nod your head to your chest when the drums come in over the talkbox (we highly doubt it’s autotune). Ro nonchalantly kicks his witty bars like he’s trying not to compete with the unique beat too much. The visuals are little more than the pair in an undisclosed hood actin’ a fool. KT sports a Halloween mask that looks like it might be a zombie gorilla, and he bangs out in it. Ro, on the other hand, keeps it player.

Grab their album RSXGLD on CD or vinyl from Fat Beats or digitally from any of the major online retailers.