Open Space: Joji


Joji is the music alias of George Miller, aka comedian Filthy Frank aka the Pink Guy. Perhaps you remember him as human meme who went viral for dancing/seizuring to “Harlem Shake” in 2013?

It seemed to many that Miller didn’t know such a dance already existed, or was making fun of it. He maintains what he did had nothing to do with the original Harlem Shake.

In any case, Miller has lived lifetimes on the internet since then. Music is not new to him, but he’s finding success with his Joji persona, focused on depressed, turned-on pop/rap. He’s not putting comedy on the back burner, just a different burner.

Joji’s In Tongues EP just dropped on 88 Rising, the “Asian as fuck” media group also involved with Rich Chigga and rising producer and vocalist Yaeji. The 88 team is definitely flexing at the moment, with Yaeji and Joji both hitting and an Asian tour coming up.

In his Open Space for MASS APPEAL, Joji touches on influences (like Shlomo and Family Guy), the “Harlem Shake” debacle, and challenging his body on the “Will He” video shoot. “I said, ‘Let me be in the bathtub full of blood, Eminem style,’” he recalls. “I actually peed in the tub. I couldn’t get out because I would track blood through the whole studio. I was in there for, like, seven takes.”