A Tribe Called Quest Debuts Its New ‘BONITA’ Vans Sneaker


A Tribe Called Quest may have plans to taper off its live shows, but the group’s influence is omnipresent. Out at ComplexCon this weekend, Q-Tip and company debuted a new shoe collaboration with Vans: a special edition of the brand’s classic Sk8-Hi sneaker.

On Instagram, Q-Tip announced that the shoe will be called “BONITA,” presumably after ATCQ’s timeless “Bonita Applebum” single, found on its People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm album. The edition of the “BONITA” debuted in Long Beach this weekend features a colorway consisting of multiple shades of off-white, and the phrase “Bonita Applebum” scribbled on the left upper of the left sneaker. In the Instagram reveal, ATCQ called the shoe the “1st from [Tribe’s] upcoming collaboration with Vans,” suggesting that “BONITA” could soon be joined by “SCENARIO” or “BUTTER.”

Any contribution from Tribe these days is good news, considering the legendary group’s current status as entertainers. Despite his iteration that We Got It From Here… isn’t the group’s final album, Tip stated in September that Tribe would never perform again. Whether that will hold up in the future remains to be seen, but it’s an uneasy time for ATCQ fans.

C’mon Tip. The “Breathe and Stop” steps in the BONITAs is a must.