Beyoncé Recreates Classic Lil Kim Looks


Beyoncé dressed as another queen for Halloween: the Queen B. Social media followers saw that she rocked a Lil Kim outfit, matching her husband JAY-Z, who was dressed as Biggie. But wait! There’s more!

It turns out, that the costume that showed up on Instagram feeds was just one out of five looks that Beyoncé put together to pay homage to Lil’ Kim. In true Yoncé fashion, she annihilated the internet once again today when she posted her entire tribute on her website. Along with the images she wrote, “Hip Hop would not be the same without our original Queen B.” Couldn’t agree more!

Lil Kim took to Twitter to express her excitement, writing, “I’m speechless and honored.”

Kim then went on to post some side-by-side comparisons.

The first look was the look we saw on Halloween. Bey dressed as Kim in Missy Elliott’s “The Rain” video from 1997, sporting dark hair, Chanel suspenders, red pants and oversized shades.

Bey rocked the infamous blue wig with the Chanel logo printed on it as well, as seen in Kim’s cover shoot for Manhattan File magazine in 2001. Beyoncé’s even got the blue contacts like Queen B.

Bey then mimicked Lil Kim’s cover shoot for Today’s Black Woman Magazine, donning a royal blue fur coat and a blue silk slip, with a blonde wig.

Queen Bey made sure to get in a memorable red carpet look as well, rocking a sheer catsuit with fur lining. As you can see, she switched out that annoying Getty images waterpark for one of her own. Iconic!

Last, but certainly not least, Beyoncé imitated Kim’s No Way Out Tour look in a fishnet bodysuit, green goggles, and neon green fur coat, with the neon green two-piece to match.