Travis Scott Responds to the Lil B Rolling Loud Incident


During day one of the Rolling Loud Festival’s inaugural festivities in the Bay Area on Saturday, regional champ Lil B was allegedly jumped by A Boogie backstage and robbed for some of his music equipment, forcing him to cancel his scheduled set. Less than a day after the incident went down, Travis Scott responded, denouncing the reported actions of A Boogie and fellow rapper PNB Rock, who allegedly joined Boogie in the ambush.

As seen in the video above, during his headlining set at Rolling Loud last night, Travis Scott made it clear that he didn’t cosign the attack.

“Protect Lil B at all fucking costs, muthafucka,” he said, from the stage.

Yet despite the negative publicity being generated by tweets and reports on the incident in its immediate aftermath, it didn’t take long for A Boogie to pop up on Instagram beside PNB, and that’s when Drake jumped in. “Two Sickos,” was his simple comment.

Drake is a noted supporter of A Boogie, who was a guest during the Toronto rapper’s Summer Sixteen tour in New York City in the summer of 2016, and though his IG comment was initially read as a denouncement, it very well may have been a compliment.

La Flame, on the other hand, hasn’t collaborated with either artist. Scott was well-received by the late-night Rolling Loud crowd after his brief remarks, many of whom flocked to Lil B’s native Bay Area for the event.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect a re-reading of Drake’s Instagram comment. Though “Two Sickos” was initially interpreted as a critique of A Boogie and PNB Rock, several readers have commented that the term “sicko” could have also been meant as compliment or slang term of endearment, based on Drake’s established ties to A Boogie and his previous use of the term in his Meek Mill diss “Charged Up.” The headline and copy have been changed to reflect this alternative reading of the comment.